Pétanque in the Czech Republic

Clubs associated in ČAPEK organize more than 100 competitive tournaments every year, including the Czech Championship in several categories. At the regional level, you can participate and play without any license or registration!

ČAPEK sends its representatives to the World and Europe Championships every year. The biggest success on international level belongs to Czech women team, runner-up in EC 2007 held in Turkey. Czech women teams have had good results at WC and EC quite regularly now. Likewise the junior teams (under 18). However, Czech men team did not achieve any noteable results in an international competition so far.

Czech Republic also hosted some international championships and events. The most remarkable event was the Junior World Championships in 2003, held in Brno. A few years later, the same city hosted the first round of Euro Cup (European Club Championship), foreign clubs arrived from Switzerland and Wales. First round of Euro Cup was also held in Stolín, where clubs arrived from Monaco, Luxembourg, Finland, Estonia and Switzerland.

Beside ČAPEK, there are also several regional leagues organized yearly in the Czech Republic. Here you can find a list of the largest leagues, where many players licensed in ČAPEK participate as well.