Přimrzlé koule

Tournament ID: 21059

Organised by C.T.P. CLUB OŘECH

Date: 4.12.2021

Venue: Ořech
Kopaninská 189

Contact person: Vladimír Glaser - glaser@orech.cz, phone: 602624170

Category of the tournament: regional

Teams: •• doubles

Players without license can participate.

Non certified boules are permitted.

Some information like the number of rounds in swiss system or number of teams advancing to KO may change depending on the number of participants. Please consider these values only as an estimate.

System: swiss system - 4 rounds

After the first stage, teams are advancing into eighth-finals.

Time limit for a game in the first stage: 50 minutes.

Number of terrains: 40

Check-in: 8:00 - 8:45; game starts at: 9:00

Director: Vladimír Glaser

Main referee: Leander Leiský

Starting fee: 180 Kč per person, 100 Kč for juniors.

Signed teams:

Signing in will be enabled on 4.11.2021 at 20:00.

Max teams: 81.

Display signed teams in table format, download Excel file for tournament management.