Pétanque worldwide

Nowadays, pétanque is the most popular in its cradle, France. There are over 10,000 tournaments of all categories and levels taking place in France every year. France federation also has over 300,000 licensed players, ranking 4th most among all sports.

However, pétanque is an established international sport as well. International federation FIPJP (www.fipjp.org) consists of 94 national associations from all continents. Over 600.000 players worldwide is playing pétanque on a competitive level.

ČAPEK is a member of FIPJP but it is also a part of European pétanque federation CEP (www.cep-petanque.com). List of tournaments organised on European level under CEP can be found here.

The most competitive international tournaments in close vicinty of the Czech Republic are for example Centrope Cup series, see details.