Testovací turnaj

Tournament ID: 19004

Organised by PK 1293 Vojnův Městec

Date: 31.12.2019

Venue: Vojnův Městec
Hřiště za sokolovnou, na kraji obce ze směru Žďár nad Sázavou.

Contact person: Jakub Konopásek - jitkoslava@seznam.cz, phone: 601559213

Category of the tournament: prestige

Teams: •• doubles

Tournament only for licensed players (FIPJP).

System: swiss system - 4 rounds

After the first stage, teams are advancing into 16th-finals.

Time limit for a game in the first stage: 60 minutes.

Number of terrains: 50

Check-in: 7:30 - 8:30; game starts at: 9:00

Director: Libor Machovec

Delegate from ČAPEK: Vilém Meduna

Starting fee: 250 Kč per person, 250 Kč for juniors.

Results (only old version for now)

Results - Excel sheet

Signed teams:

Max teams: 95.

Display signed teams in table format, download Excel file for tournament management.

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