Centrope Cup

Centrope Cup is an yearly series of six tournaments held in Central Europe, primarily involving players from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

However, anyone with license from a federation recognized by FIPJP and certified boules can participate as well. Each of the six countries mentioned above is organizing one Centrope international tournament. These tournaments must abide by certain rules agreed by the six countries. For example, the tournaments have to be played using Swiss system and the time limit for each round must be at least fifty minutes. But there are also some exceptions or specialities to some of the Centrope tournaments, such as the Slovak Centrope, where the participating teams must be of mixed gender, or Austrian Centrope which is a two-days event. The purpose of Centrope Cup is the possibility to play a game against new players, establish international relations and to boost the level of pétanque in Central Europe.

By placing in top 16 teams on any of these tournaments, you can score points for your own country!

For more information, please visit the official Centrope Cup site - http://centropecup.eu